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Persia, led by Xerxes, is threatening Greece. can stop this from happening by commanding Spartan forces. In this realistic-time strategy game, the divine and human combine to determine the fate of the Hellenic Peninsula. Age of Sparta takes you to one of the most thrilling military episodes of Ancient Times.

These are the features

  • Recruit your troops to face your foes in real time
  • To destroy your enemies, turn to Zeus or Hades.
  • Use legions that are made up of both soldiers and mythological beasts or monsters.
  • Watch animated scenes of combat.
  • Sparta can be made into an altar for Mount Olympus.
  • Make alliances with other players in order to fight your common enemy.

Honor your gods

Your gods aren't going to give you free help in defeating the Persians. They will be rewarded by making Sparta an altar for the worship of the Olympian gods . You should build monuments and temples to honor the great Greek heroes.