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About For PC

Conan, the iconic fictitious Conan who has starred in some of the greatest heroic stories, is back on your computer as an MMORPG. Age of Conan, a hugely multiplayer role-playing video game that uses Robert E. Howard's universe, is provided by Funcom.

This game is loyal to its original stories as well as adventure, action, and high levels of bloodshed.

Age of Conan Features

  • Six different weapon families.
  • Five types of armor.
  • A revolutionary combat system for real-time using combinations.
  • You can explore the game on horseback or by rhino, mammoth.
  • Amazing sound and graphics

Expand your possibilities and evolve

After choosing one of the three races, your story will begin. These are Aquilonians (Cimmerians), Stygians. Your mission is to explore Hyboria, helping your character develop through battles and missions and upgrading your equipment.

You can participate in raids and sieges for up to 24 players when you have reached level 80. This is probably the best aspect of the game.