Who killed the electric car

electric car

A documentary from 2006 which tries to dig into reasons for the unfortunate & abrupt death of the most popular electric car of USA, the EV1 from General Motors.

Spanning over 90 mins, the film traces back to the history of electric cars, initial challenges faced due to battery technologies, methods used to overcome those challenges, further development & subsequent commercialization. But throughout the narration of the electric car, it discusses lots of events of major importance which seemed to go against the spirit of electric cars and discusses about the Govt policies which favored big oil companies and step-motherly attitude towards such cars.

According to the movie, there were more than 5000 electric cars which were manufactured by GM, Toyota, Honda and others, and then later recalled and destroyed for unknown reasons. This triggered a backlash from environmentalists, brought people protesting on streets but no convincing answers from car companies & Govt.

Lots of global issues of unanswered questions. Who? Why? When? Which? This documentary might not answer all those questions in a convincing way, but it will definitely provide the backdrop to set your minds racing..

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