Was Bournvita originally for pregnant women & body builders?

Change is the only constant thing in the world.

Household brands are also no exception to this, and have been transforming themselves over the years. Products which were launched for certain target customers have now ended up serving completely different set of customers.

For example, Bournvita today is synonymous with brain development for children. But there was a time when Bournvita was targeted towards pregnant women & body-builders.
Saridon might be the one stop destination to relieve headaches today, but was initially advertised as a pain reliever for women during “difficult days” of the month.

Following are some of the newspaper print advertisement from 1960s to illustrate how some of the popular household brands which have strong foothold in their respective segments today, had catered to completely different segments a few decades ago. These ads were published in Indian newspapers (The Indian Express, The Hindu and The Times of India) and were specifically for Indian market.

Bournvita initially launched for pregnant womenbournvita_pregnant_women


Bournvita for bodybuildersbournvita_fine_figure

Complan was for the busy housewifecomplan_women_drink

Horlicks was the “Doctor’s Drink” and recommended by Doctors for busy executiveshorlicks_doctor_drink

Britannia biscuits were popular for their excellent storing drums which was highlighted as the USP by the company in ads

Vicks cough drops were targeted towards smokersvicks_drops

Saridon was a pain reliever for women during “difficult days”


Medimix soap was prescribed by Doctors & available only in chemist shops

Colgate was one of the most popular shaving cream brands

Colgate & Binaca were baby powder brands