Vulture and starving child


Horribly disturbing photo.
A vulture waiting for a starving child in Africa to die so that it can eat it up!!

This was shot by a photojournalist named Kevin Carter in 1993-94 when he had gone to Sudan on an assignment to report about the famine.

In an interview, Carter said that he had spent 20 mins adjusting the camera to take the best shot because his profession demanded it, but deep down it was painful to shoot such a picture. Immediately after clicking the pic, he fled from the scene since he could not tolerate the disturbing situation in Sudan where millions of such kids were starving to death.

The photo received lot of accolades and he was even awarded the Pulitzer prize for photography. This created lot of roars across the world and every newspaper/magazine criticized him for not being human enough to help the child. The St. Petersburg Times in Florida said : “The man adjusting his lens to take just the right frame of her suffering, might just as well be a predator, another vulture on the scene”.

3 months after winning the Pulitzer prize, Carter committed suicide!!

Whether what he did was justified or not is beyond the scope of this article but I wanted to share this picture to remind ourselves the value of things we seem to have taken for granted today. One of the biggest takeaways from this is about the value of food which most of us have been wasting everyday.

It would be great if all of us think twice before refilling food in our plates so that we do not fill more than what we can consume. It is better to fill half the plate and refill again if still hungry, rather than fill to the brim and waste half of it. Also, lot of food gets left over (and thrown out at the end) in social events like dinner parties, marriage functions, get-together events etc. There are many NGOs who are ready to take left over food and use the same to feed the needy.

If you have more suggestions on how to reduce wastage of food, please share them here and spread the word.

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