Social media exposes racism of German Professor who denied internship to Indian due to “rape culture”

On the 8th of March 2015, a disgruntled student posted screenshots of an email conversion with a German Professor who had rejected an application for internship (despite the student clearing all the prerequisites) just because the student hails from a country which is being perceived as a rape nation!!indian discrimination mail
Link to the post:

(Such a negative perception is probably due to the large scale propaganda & negative campaign by international media against India, although statistics reveal that countries like UK & US have much higher per capita rate)

On the first looks of it, the email screenshots appeared suspicious due to grammatical & punctuation mistakes. However, as the student (who wished to remain anonymous) continued to provide more details, the “controversy” gathered momentum. Within hours, facebook & twitter was buzzing with this issue and mostly debating over the authenticity of the screenshot/email.

Since the disgruntled student had initially revealed details of the Professor (He had blacked it out later, perhaps to abide by Quora guidelines), a German friend took up the matter to directly get in touch with the professor and got a reply from her confirming the authenticity of the email, but the Prof was still unapologetic about it. Following is the screenshot of the email in which she confirmed it with a German friend.


This was the major breakthrough for social media which upped the ante. Journalists from mainstream media who had initially suspected its authenticity, finally took notice and they also got it confirmed from the Professor  herself, and published it in their respective news media houses/sites.

german email
News links:…/german-profess…/1/422825.html…/student-denied-internship-in-g…

Due to mounting pressure from social media, this matter was escalated to the German Embassy in India and the the Ambassador, after confirmation of the authenticity, sent a strongly worded condemnation letter to the Professor.

german embassy
Official link to the letter:

Under these circumstances, the Professor had no choice but to apologize

News link:

Whether any action will be taken for such generalization, stereotyping & racial attitude, remains to be seen. Further updates will be provided as the events unfold.

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