Smart Habits

Dear friends. Exactly an year ago, this website (“Guruprasad’s Portal”) was launched with the purpose of inspiring youngsters through insightful analysis, reviews of documentaries & books, peek into history & data from different perspectives.¬†Thanks for your continuous feedback, the portal has been continuously refined over time. Also, the responses I have been receiving from from readers affirms that the portal has indeed been inspirational to many. Stay tuned for more such inspirational & insightful articles in future.

Inspiration is the first step and is usually impulsive. I find that most of the youngsters who read articles in “Guruprasad’s Portal” are inspired to read books, watch documentaries, explore new topics & analyze with an open mind. But due to the fast paced, competitive & hectic lifestyle in today’s world, the zeal fades within days and aspirations turn into “wish-list”. There is a need to sustain it and convert it into a habit. There is a need for continuous motivation (self-motivation is always the best but external motivation also helps).

Hence, I am planning a new initiative whose purpose is to develop smart habits which might help one stay motivated, get organized (minimize distractions), increase efficiency, improve health, manage time & thereby turn aspirations into reality. In a way, its focus is on personal & overall development but is much more than that because it is actually a convergence of different fields resulting in solutions which are crafted considering the Indian Youth in mind. It is not just about working hard (It does not insist on working for 14 hours a day,) nor being strictly disciplined (It does not insist on waking up at 4 am everyday), but is actually about being smart in today’s world to achieve more in less time and at the same time remain happy & healthy.

This initiative includes a facebook page which will have frequent mini-posts and a website which will have regular insightful articles. Since the purpose is to help incorporate habits to lead a smarter life, it is named “Smart Habits”.

Link to the website:

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I strongly believe that every culture in the world has its own unique practices & techniques which can be followed (applied) by anybody irrespective of their nationality, religion, interests etc to lead an enhanced lifestyle. The eastern cultures have philosophies like Yoga & Zen which helps us lead a simplified, organized & contented lifestyle, while the western cultures have Science & Technology which helps us become efficient & achieve more. How about combining both (eastern & western culture) to obtain a simplified, efficient & contented/happy lifestyle so that aspirations can easily be turned into reality? This is exactly what “Smart Habits” tries to address in the long run.

“Smart Habits” will dissect the philosophies of eastern world using western methods like science & psychology to understand how each habit works (its impact on the body & mind) so that we are convinced/impressed with it and are eager to apply it to our own lives. After that, we shall explore different ways of incorporating them into our lives and more emphasis will be on using technology (which are always at our disposal) smartly to apply them. Although it can cater to every person on the planet, It is going to be slightly India-centric (slightly leaning towards prevailing conditions & availability in India, affordability, jugaad etc).

Step into this new world (by subscribing/liking and participating in discussion threads) and witness a positive transformation in your lives. Share it with your friends and invite them so that they can also be a part of this. Please feel free to provide any kind of feedback. Thanks.