Shaheed Bhagat Singh: India’s symbol of martyrdom


Bhagat Singh during different phases of his life.
1st row: 12 yrs old, 17 yrs old.
2nd row: 20 yrs old, 22 yrs old.

Bhagat Singh (born: 28-Sep-1907, died: Never).

Since most of us know about Bhagat Singh’s revolutionary struggle & martyrdom for the nation, I would like to share some rare facts which are less discussed but informative & thought provoking. Facts about his childhood fantasy, trigger point for revolution, hunger strikes & his literary works.

Childhood fantasy: Ever since his childhood, Bhagat Singh was always taken aback by the fact that a handful of British officials controlled crores of Indians. Even at that age, he was very well aware of the British torture and the struggle of Indians for freedom. He was also aware that British had an edge over Indians because they had sophisticated weapons whereas Indians did not. Once during a stroll with family in a farm, impressed by green crops all around, he exclaimed that he would grow guns instead of crops and use them to defend Indians against the British and eventually drive them out of the country.

Trigger point: At a tender age of 11 years in 1919, when he heard of the Jallianwala Bagh massacre, he rushed to the spot to witness the bloodbath. At the end of the day, he collected blood soaked soil in a bottle, kept it in his house & sat in front of it for hours, deeply provoked. This precisely was the trigger point for his revolution. He took it up as a challenge to drive away the British and this bottle constantly reminded him of his mission for the rest of his life.

Hunger strikes: In the late 1920s in jail, Bhagat Singh and other revolutionaries undertook fasts to protest against British and in few cases demanding certain basic amenities (like giving better treatment to Indian prisoners). One such fast lasted 116 days!! To avoid being force fed by the British authorities, Bhagat Singh and his colleagues swallowed boiling water & chillies which would swell up their throats and block passage of food!!

Literary works: Being an avid reader, he spent his last few months in jail reading socialist literature. He had maintained a diary in which he penned down his philosophies and ideas for the country totaling more than 400 pages!!

The most thought provoking part of his life story is about his selfless sacrifice for the nation. Right from his childhood, he had sacrificed every pleasure and dedicated his life for the nation and without any hesitation, sacrificed his life without second thoughts, at a youthful age of just 23 years.

Today being his birthday, lets salute and pay tribute to the legend & symbol of India’s martyrdom..