The real reason why minorities are feeling insecure under Modi Govt

Of late, there has been a lot of concern over the security of minorities (Christian community) who claim to be living under constant fear, especially after Narendra Modi took over the reins as PM.

Interestingly, international media has also been pretty vocal over this issue and has been portraying India under Modi Govt as “Anti-Christian Nation”, due to certain events which have been perceived as “Attack on Christian faith by Hindu zealots”. Surprisingly, almost all of the Christian heads seem to be suspecting the process of “Ghar Wapsi” as the primary motive behind these attacks allegedly by Hindus backed by Modi Govt.
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Let’s analyze some of the most recent cases to find out if these attacks are indeed motivated by communal forces backed by Modi.

One of the most recent cases has been the horrific gangrape of a 72 year old Christian Nun in West Bengal in March 2015. Surprisingly, even before the case could be taken up by the State Govt (Mamata Banerjee), the Archbishop left no time in issuing his verdict clearing Mamata and blaming Modi Govt. Furthermore, even before any sort of investigation, it was politicized by concluding that Hindus had committed this gruesome crime and somehow it was linked to “ghar wapsi”!!
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However, within few days, the police cracked this case and arrested Md Selim. All those Christian leaders which were complaining about “increasing attacks over minorities” seem to have suddenly gone into hibernation after finding out that the arrested person himself is from another minority community, and is not a Hindu (let alone a Hindu Zealot). Hence, this case falls flat on the face.
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Let’s take up another recent case. In Feb 2015, a Church in Mangaluru (Mangalore, Karnataka State) was allegedly “vandalised by Hindus” and instead of questioning the State Govt of Karnataka (ruled by Congress), the finger automatically pointed to BJP Govt at the centre over the rhetoric of “minorities not safe after Modi came to power”.
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Within just a few days, the police cracked down the case and arrested a former employee of the Church itself!! It was reported that he was a disgruntled employee (of the Church) who had demanded better pay and quit the job when refused. In an act of revenge, this former employee of the Church decided to vandalize the Church. Hence, this case also falls flat on its face.
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In March 2015, few masked men had pelted stones at a Church in Mumbai and going with the trend, even before any investigation, Christian leaders had already blamed it on Hindu hardliners and Modi Govt.
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Within 48 hours, the Mumbai police cracked the case and arrested 4 people. It was reported that these 4 people were not from any religious or political group, but were petty gamblers who wanted to take revenge against the Church because they suspected that the priests had complained against their gambling activities. One of the culprits was from another minority community itself, thereby diminishing the credibility of those who initially claimed this attack to be a handiwork of Hindu religious hardliners backed by Modi Govt.
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Let’s take just one more case before wrapping up. In Feb 2015, for a change, it was not a Church but a School which was allegedly attacked. But since it was a Christian school, it had become another breaking news with the same old rhetoric of “Minorities under attack”.
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But on the very same day later, the School Principal herself admitted that it was not a case of vandalism but just a theft.
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There are several more such cases, which when scrutinized, exposes the hypocrisy of Christian leaders and the mainstream media who leave no stone unturned in playing victim even before investigations. Unfortunately, when the facts are later out in the open, contradicting their previous claims (blaming Hindus even without waiting for investigations), there is not even an acknowledgement, let alone an apology, for mixing sensitive issues with religion & politics of blame-game. The following table summarizing the most recent attacks has gone viral in social media.
After going through all these data, even a skeptic would acknowledge that the attacks are not being politically/religiously motivated, but might point out that Churches have indeed been attacked and cases of thefts have been reported. Yes, that cannot be denied, but it must be seen from the overall context. When we compare the number of such attacks/thefts with previous years and compare them with such cases for other religions, the results are startling!! For example, in 2014, there have been only 3 such cases for Churches, but more than 200 for Temples & 30 for Gurdwaras, but there has hardly been any outcry or any breaking news over these incidents in mainstream media.
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Robert Rosario is a Christian from Karnataka who had worked in Churches and had even participated in several protests against right wing parties & Govts. Few months ago, he quit all such activities because he felt that the Churches have been waging unnecessary propagandic wars to play victim games. He explains the patterns of such propaganda in the following 20 min interview:

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Now we come to the big question: Why are Christian leaders playing these victim games and waging propaganda wars now? Anybody who has been following political updates would vouch for the fact that whenever there is a BJP led Govt (either at state or centre), Christian leaders feel suffocated. To know why, let’s find out what their agenda is in India.

Here is a 2-min excerpt from an interview with a Christian leader in 2004 who claims that the Congress party which came to power at centre (in 2004) “loves Christianity more than any other religion” & notice his confidence when he says that the Congress party will support him in converting lakhs of villages into Christianity.

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The above Christian leader is just one of the several thousands and lakhs of leaders, pastors, priests who are on a mission to “bring the gospel of truth” to crores of villagers across India. Now comes the bigger question: How are thousands of missionaries getting the money to carry out their activities? It is actually an interesting business model, similar to the “Offshore Outsourcing” model widely followed in software industry. The Christian organizations abroad pump huge amounts of money to NGOs in India which are like subsidiaries or offshore centers.

Most of these NGOs are actually illegal, do not pay taxes, resort to forceful conversions against the Constitution of India, but have been sustaining because of the the previous Congress Govt, which wanted to keep them happy in return for their votes (vote bank politics).

These offshore centres (NGOs) which receive funds carry out missionary activities and provide regular monthly reports or weekly status reports to the onshore. For example, in this 3 min video you can find a missionary providing a status report in the form of video to his American employers/clients/bosses:

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Some of these missionaries resort to extremely fraudulent tactics to fool innocent, gullible villagers and convert them into Christianity with fake promises. Here is a demonstration of how a Pastor “cures” kidney problems of a woman and fools the masses into believing that converting to his religion would help them get rid of their health problems too.

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Now with this knowledge, let’s find out what the Modi Govt has actually done in this aspect.

As soon as Modi became PM, the Intelligence Bureau alerted him to handle these NGOs which are posing a threat to national security
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Experts have been warning the Govt about illegal money inflow due to NGOs who use foreign funding and in turn use them mainly for missionary activities for conversions.
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Hence, over the last few months, Modi Govt has been cracking down thousands of NGOs and banning those which have been illegally using foreign funds for their activities.

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Coming back to the original topic:
Are minorities insecure? Not really. It is not the minorities but the minority leaders (who run NGOs & further their agenda of conversions) who are insecure because they (their NGOs) are being cracked down by the Govt through legal proceedings which is not only affecting their agenda but their livelihood as well. Since they cannot protest against the Govt on this reason (because they know that nobody would support them if they find out their illegal activities), they are now trying to protest against the Govt through other means including propaganda wars & planned media strategies to make mountain out of molehill to create fear psychosis among all minorities by blaming Modi Govt for everything.

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