How Rajdeep Sardesai provoked crowd, attacked NRI & played victim game in New York


{If you are running out of time and want the gist of this analysis article, watch this 30 second video clip:

How Rajdeep Sardesai provoked crowd, attacked NRI & played victim game in New York:

Yesterday, while Indians all over the world were enthusiastically analyzing & discussing the Indian PM’s speech at Madison Garden, a certain media house instead of reporting the PM’s speech had chosen to report a stray incident of how its reporter was “heckled” by Modi supporters.

Following is a snapshot of the homepage of the media website. Notice the date & time on the top of the website. It was 28th September, 23:39 IST. i.e While all other news channels & media websites were analyzing Modi’s speech, India Today was highlighting a stray incident as the breaking news on its homepage.


At the same time, Rajdeep Sardesai tweeted about it by portraying himself as a victim of “mob violence”


I was initially dismayed by this news because such a behavior from NRIs was definitely unexpected. However, I was still skeptical about Rajdeep’s version of the story because he has always been notorious for manipulating news to show Modi & his supporters in bad light. I had written about the topic of “Media’s false propaganda against Modi” few months ago and cited his case among others here:

As I began the quest for truth in this case, I was overwhelmed with information from all over social media and mainstream media, each having their own versions of the story.

For example, NDTV had reported that Rajdeep Sardesai was physically assaulted at New York and spokespersons like Ajay Maken (of Congress) & Ashutosh (of AAP) had condemned the act and put the blame squarely on the crowd of Modi supporters.


All of them were referring to video clips & making allegations but none of them had any concrete evidence which could be used to defend Rajdeep or to blame the crowd.

As I began to curate & assimilate several pieces of information & video clips shared by witnesses over social media, I was startled to find that it was actually Rajdeep Sardesai who had provoked the crowd and it was Rajdeep Sardesai himself who had physically assaulted NRIsI have tried to consolidate all the available information, and reconstructed the sequence of events as follows:

In an attempt to instigate a crowd, Rajdeep identified an energetic crowd, and in the pretext of interviewing them, he started provoking them by asking questions about the Gujarat 2002 riots, Modi’s role in it, Modi’s US visa denial & the statistics that only 31% of the people voted for Modi which means majority still do not like him.
Here is the video:

After the crowd patiently answered his questions, Rajdeep started pricking them personally by asking them what have they done for their country. He even went on to mock them by claiming that all they do is to just pose in front of cameras, while in reality they have done nothing for India despite being Indian-borns.
Here is the video showing the same:

He insulted the crowd by saying that these NRIs did not have “class”:

When the crowd realized that his intention was only to insult & provoke them, they started avoiding him by cheering slogans of “Modi Modi!!” & “Bharat Mata Ki Jai”, thinking he would wind up the “interview”. Surprisingly, Rajdeep took it personally and insulted them by asking if Narendra Modi taught them to “behave badly” and labelled them “Frenzied Narendra Modi crowd” just because they were cheering “Bharat Mata Ki Jai”:

Despite all these provocations, when the crowd was still patient & tolerant towards Rajdeep, he played his final trick. As a final resort, he called one guy an as***le and confronted him, which led to a tussle. This incident was immediately tweeted by a New York journalist named James FontanellaKhan who had witnessed it first hand at the spot:
Tweet Link:

One of the witnesses had recorded this video which clearly shows how Rajdeep called a guy an as***le & physically assaulted him:

ABP news tweeted about Rajdeep’s misbehavior:

Now that Rajdeep accomplished his mission of creating a ruckus, he used his journalistic skills to play victim game, edited portions of the video to show himself as an innocent journalist who was “heckled” by an angry mob. Hence the homepage of his media house (India Today) carried this manipulated news while totally ignoring the Indian PM’s speech:


Sensing this as an opportunity to defame Modi & his supporters, the krantikaari party showed edited parts of the video clip portraying Rajdeep as an innocent journalist who was attacked by Modi supporters (claiming it as an attack on press) and funnily, AAP wanted Modi to intervene into this matter:

To summarize, this was the “algorithm” used by Rajdeep Sardesai & AAP to manipulate information & create false propaganda against Modi supporters.


Unfortunately, none of the news channels or mainstream media websites are showing this true sequence of events. After 12 years of anti-Modi propaganda, the mainstream media has now resorted to defaming and namecalling anybody who shows support to Modi. Even those who cheer “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” are being labelled as Modi supporters & violent fascists (As you can see in one of the above videos where Rajdeep questioned the crowd if Modi taught them to “behave badly”, when all they did was to just cheer “Bharat Mata Ki Jai”).

The only way to counter such false propaganda is to use social media and share it with friends & families.
Let truth prevail.

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