How Pseudo-Secularism is killing India’s National Identity

Despite India housing one of the oldest cultures, if the world has been looking at us as a nation of snake charmers, it is due to the follies of leaders like Nehru who tried to portray India as an uncultured, uncivilized nation.


For example, in this photo from 1960s you can notice how Nehru was proudly showcasing a snake charmer (in his lawn) as pride of India to American visitors (The lady was the wife of American President John F Kennedy).

Instead, he could have chosen to showcase our rich cultural art like the Bharatanatyam (It does not need a playground and even just a 5×10 feet space is sufficient for it and could have been easily performed in the same lawn itself). Or maybe a Sitar performance which could be done in lesser space than what was occupied by the snake charmer in this pic.

But showcasing such classical art & culture to foreigners (or even promoting it within India) was against the code of conduct for Congress leaders because it was “communal”. Showcasing a snake-charmer as “India’s gift to the world” was considered secular. In fact, Nehru was never proud of Indian culture & art, and actually hated it!! He had expressed his disgust indirectly as well as directly in several instances.
The following excerpt is from his book “The Discovery of India” .

Nehru and his team of leftists would rake up the issue of secularism to suppress such art. It is this so called secularism (which is not really secularism but pseudo-secularism. Today secularism means criticize/bash/suppress Indian culture), which has done a lot of harm to the identity of India. As most of us would agree, it is the identity of the nation which inspires people to be proud citizens (people should be able to identify themselves and associate their culture with the nation), and only if people are proud of their nation, they would be motivated to put extra efforts in keeping it clean, work towards harmony, participate in social responsibilities & charities, thereby automatically walking in the path towards progress & development.

Using the secularism (pseudo-secularism) card to suppress the identity of India has demoralized Indians and done unimaginable damage to the psyche of the masses. (Before independence, it was the British who demoralized Indians so that they could act as masters, but after independence, it is the Indian political class which has been demoralizing Indians in the name of secularism to garner votes).


Rationalists cry foul over ISRO Chief temple visit

It is disgusting to find that we have secularism debates on TV channels and social media even if a Scientist of ISRO visits a Temple (with his own expenses) to pray for the success of Mangalyan project. It is a matter of disgrace to witness secularism debates even for installing a small statue of Natarja in front of an office, while a research lab in Europe has installed a pompous statue of Nataraja right at its lab entrance. It is shameful to find that politics is played over Yoga in Indian schools and the matter has reached the Indian Courts to decide whether Yoga is secular or communal, while the schools in USA have wholeheartedly embraced Yoga even down to the elementary-school level.



If Indian Classical Arts like Carnatic/Hindustani music, Bharatanatyam etc and Ancient Indian Cultures like Yoga, Ayurveda etc are not revived within the next 10 years and continued to suppress in the name of secularism (pseudo-secularism), they will die their own death, while the rest of the world would gladly inculcate these into their own lives and we Indians, without an identity of our own, would appear like confused morons fighting among ourselves in television debates & social media over the subject of secularism for the rest of our lives!!

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