Pirates of Silicon Valley


Although it is categorized as a movie, it is actually a dramatic 90 min documentary dramatizing the important events between 1970 to 1997 showing how the computer revolution took place and how wizards like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and their friends took the opportunity to dive into it.

Much of the focus is on Microsoft & Apple chiefs and their friends because they were like 2 sides of a coin with different philosophies but same goal. One wanted to be successful in terms of quality, while the other wanted to be successful in terms of quantity. It shows how such entrepreneurs became pirates themsevles to be able to achieve their goals at any cost. Even at the cost of friends, families, moral values & ethics.

Most of the entries related to Apple & Microsoft in the “Rare, Informative & Thought Provoking” album uses scenes from this movie as references.

A must watch not only for IT professionals but also for every computer user

Available in torrents as well as youtube.


Full movie available online: