Part 3: Modi phenomenon: Propaganda or Reality?

In part 2 of the case study, we came across several facts & official reports which suggests the presence of anchoring effect and this part (part 3) will focus on that effect.

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As we had found in the earlier parts, most of the facts are already available in the public domain but the main stream media (like NDTV, CNN IBN, Tehelka etc) seem to be suppressing these and instead of being neutral, have been taking sides, thereby intensifying the “Anchoring Effect”. As I began to explore in depth into this topic, I realized that such media channels are not only taking sides but there seems to be a cottage industry working overtime and churning out false news & misleading opinions against Modi with so much of animosity.

A few years ago, Tehelka had carried out a “sting operation” and showed us shocking revelations of Babu Bajrangi who alleged Modi’s hand and even went on to say that Modi changed judges several times to protect him.

Tehelka news report:

Tehelka sting operation:

This was one of the allegations which was investigated by the Supreme Court appointed Special Investigation Team (SIT) and the report has much more shocking revelations. Here is the excerpt from the report which quashes the Tehelka sting operation :


Full report of SIT:

In another shocking revelation from SIT report, a journalist from Times of India was in constant touch with Sanjiv Bhatt and helped him in arranging/drafting the affidavit against Modi. It might come as a surprise to find that journalists who are supposed to be neutral have gone to the extent of even hatching false complaints as proven in this case. He not only helped but also advised Bhatt to incorporate a few more paragraphs as the following excerpt from SIT report says:


Full report of SIT:

A few years ago, there was a widespread report of Modi making “objectionable” statements like “defending the riots as a result of Newtonian logic of action & reaction”. It was alleged that Modi had carelessly stated that the reaction against Muslim community was due to Newton’s law. This was investigated and the SIT found that Zee TV, which had taken the interview, had edited his statements to make it appear provocative and careless. While Modi had said that a specific case (Jafri’s firing) was an action for which the massacre in Jafri’s neighborhood was a reaction, he also continued to say there must neither be any action nor any reaction (i.e He did not justify any action/reaction but had said that he was against any such action/reaction). But the crew at Zee TV had edited and chopped off his last line which gave a completely different meaning altogether and the seemingly provocative statements were broadcast and reported all over. During the investigations, Zee TV did not cooperate with the SIT and inspite of repeated reminders, failed to provide the original CD of the interview. However, the interviewer upon summoning testified that Modi’s statement actually included the last line as well (which was cut by the editing team).

zee_tv_interview_sit_reportFull report of SIT:

Over time, several journalists, news anchors & media houses which are supposed to be neutral and unbiased, have been planting false stories about Modi being against Muslims, showing favoritism towards certain leaders, manipulating people’s minds and pushing down their biased opinions to millions of Indians, as shown in the following snapshots:


Twitter links:

Here is a recent news report which was a planted story by ToI trying to mislead readers while a message from another news journalist suggested that the ToI story was false. This false news could have instigated communal tension.

TOI news link:

Rajdeep’s twitter update link:

toi_rambo_clarificationDuring the recent Uttarkhand floods, Times of India had carried out a false story about Modi which had gone viral and after a few days, the newspaper, due to pressure from social media tendered an apology in the form of a “Clarification”. (On the left side).

Just a few weeks ago, when a British MP showed some interest in inviting Modi to UK for a speech, some of our news anchors appeared to be desperate (and inspite of the SIT report exhonirating Modi of all the allegations), had tried to act like spokespersons of certain parties and it was a matter of great shame that an MP from Britain had to chide them for disrespecting their own Supreme Court.

Here is the video clip of a prominent news anchor of a popular news channel speaking like a party spokesperson and disrespecting Supreme Court, and rebuked by the British MP:


On the same day, an experienced anchor from another news channel also was rebuked by the British MP:

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Note: This case study is not to support or criticize any politician/party/newspaper/news-channel/anchor, but to dig out the reality and to quash false propaganda, if any. This article will be updated based on more inputs & unearthing of further facts.

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