We see objects around us everywhere & throughout the day but might not notice their presence because we either take them for granted or they appear to blend into our everyday lives. Some objects “appear” well designed when looked at, while some “feel” well designed when used.┬áSometimes, we might neither use the object nor hold it but we seem to connect emotionally to it.

How are these objects designed? What defines a well-designed object? Is it purely subjective or is there any element of objective design philosophy which applies to people across the spectrum? What goes on in the minds of designers who design such objects which eventually are mass produced and used by most of the people? This is what this 75 min documentary is basically about. Popular designers from across the world share their thoughts on the idea called design and how a good design incorporates not only art & creativity to make it appear good but also efficiency (not wasting raw material), ergonomics (in case of objects which are directly used by people), simpliciy (ease of usage) & several other factors.

Beginning with the design of a potato peeler which most of us take for granted, designers explain the immense effort which goes into it’s design and how care is taken not only to make it feel good to hold but also safe to use (i.e by having the blades in such an angle that the probability of it hurting the fingers is very low). Designers from some of the most respected companies and design houses including Braun, Apple, Ikea and more give examples of some of their legendary product offerings and share the details of the design & manufacturing process.

The 75 min documentary is not only insightful but inspirational as well because after watching it, you will never look at objects around you in the same way again.


The complete documentary has been uploaded on YouTube:

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Disclaimer: I do not endorse piracy but had to upload the video online because it is not available for purchase in India in any normal store but it is available for purchase or rent in digital format in Amazon & iTunes. This upload is for the benefit of students who do not have an account in such online portals and might not be able to afford such high prices which are priced according to the standard of living conditions in USA. (The cost of the film is approximately the cost of 3 cups of coffee in US but a whole month’s school & food expenses for a student in India)
If you are a working professional, I suggest you either purchase the movie after watching it on YouTube or rent it for a day so that the income will help artists to produce more such documentaries in future..