Nehru’s “Tryst with destiny” speech


The story behind Nehru’s “Tryst with destiny” speech:

On Aug-14, 1947, Nehru had planned for some time off to write a speech which was to be delivered at the stroke of midnight. But his day was filled with hundreds of rituals and at 10 pm he was forcefully pulled out of the process by his family with dinner as the excuse. As he sat down to have dinner, he got a phone call from Lahore which lasted for half an hour. The conversation was about the disturbances going on in Lahore which had stunned Nehru and making him feel like sinking in a bottomless pit (Riots due to partition. We shall find out more about partition in subsequent entries of this album). Now he neither had the time nor the energy to write a speech. However, he managed to console himself by midnight and ended up delivering one of the best speeches ever. The words were spontaneous, the phrases were heartfelt & his zeal spread to every corner of the hall.

It is a matter of pride for us that such a speech by the first PM of India which was spontaneous and had struck a chord with millions around the world was recently recognized as one of the greatest speeches of 20th century in the world (11th greatest).


Recognized as 11th greatest speech of the world in 20th century:

Complete speech in text:

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