Misleading & photoshopped images in social media

Social media is a great platform to socialize, share and spread knowledge but if caution is not exercised, it can mislead people and even cause havoc due to unintentional false propaganda.

While manipulation of most of the photoshopped images are clearly evident due to pixelization & shoddy jobs by novices, some of them indeed appear genuine. Especially in the political arena, manipulated (photoshopped) images can make or break a politician’s credibility.

Following are some of the most viral manipulated images circulated in social media with an intention of character assassination which have been debunked by showing the real image as well.



Mahatma Gandhi:


Narendra Modi:

 Narendra Modi:


There are many more misleading, manipulated images circulating over social media. If you have come across any, share them here. I will update this article and give you credits for sharing such pics here.

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