Mini documentaries from British ruled India

mini_documentariesCannot step out of home this weekend due to the rain? Wondering how to spend time indoors this weekend? Grab a cup of coffee & check out some of these hair-raising & jaw-dropping mini-documentaries on India produced during the British Raj.

These mini-documentaries (each lasting around 10 mins) try to showcase the rich & diversified culture of the wonder called India, which could neither be classified as a country nor a continent. Surprisingly some of the videos, despite being almost 100 years old, were produced in color (technicolor), which was very expensive back then. That alone is sufficient to suggest the extent to which British were fascinated by India, which was proudly showcased as their prized possession during colonial rule.


While some of the videos are silent and accompanied with text captions, the rest have narration with elegant, energetic masculine voices, which was the norm those days for commentators and news-readers, along with classical jazzy music, adding more flair to the videos.

All the videos are available on Youtube, the links to which are as follows:

All India Olympics at Bangalore (1946)

Queen visits Bangalore

Duke visits Golden Jubilee of IISc Bangalore

Temples of India (1938)

A Road in India (1938)

Delhi (1938)

Sacred Elephants of India (1934)

Benares and the Ganges River (1931)

A Punjab Village (1925)

Romance of India (1941)

Gateway To India, Bombay (1932)

Colorful Jaipur (1932)

The Temple of Love (1932)

Magic tricks in India (1930)

Pope visits Bombay

Baroda (1930)

India – The Punjab (1940)

East of Bombay (1937)

Lion-Tiger fight (1946)

Rural India (1930)

India (1951)

Magicians of India (1950s)

Heritage of India (1950s)

Mystic India (1950s)

Inside India (1950s)

I hope you will enjoy watching these mini documentaries of Pre-independent India from the British perspective.  Share them with your friends as well.

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