Mind Your Language


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A seriously hilarious comedy series from the 1970s. Spanning across 4 seasons and 30+ episodes, this series perfectly blends the characteristics of British stiff upper lip, India-Pakistan conflicts, Japanese fascination with photography & discipline, Chinese communism & French glamour, all concisely packaged into a rib-tickling series.


The series is centered around a classroom in London with students from different nationalities including a Punjabi Indian & a Pakistani who have enrolled for a course to learn English as a foreign language. As one would expect, the diversified classroom always leads to hilarious misunderstandings & petty fights (which provides entertainment to the viewer), but over time, leads to mutual respect and friendly bonding among students, taking it to further level of comedy in which the students also seem to enjoy.

MYL_Full_ Cast

 This series has been dubbed/remade into several languages in different countries but this being the original still remains the best. The Indian series “Zabaan Sambhal Ke” was inspired by this.

A part of the first episode of “Mind Your Language” for online viewing:

Most of the episodes are available on YouTube& DailyMotion as well.