JC Road during 1960s


1960s, JC Road, Bangalore.

A corporation worker on an inspection drive checking cycle licenses and inspecting cycle headlamp & dynamo on the spot.
Back in those days, cycle licenses were mandatory and each bicycle had to be equipped with a headlamp powered by a dynamo.

The license for bicycle which was issued by the corporation was in the form of an aluminium plate with years printed on it and upon payment of license fee (around 2 to 3 rupees), the corresponding year on the aluminium plate would be punched (A punched hole next to the year meant that the cycle has been licensed for that year). This had to be fixed in front of the bicycle using nuts & bolts (similar to how license plates are fixed today for cars & bikes).

There would be regular inspection drives by the corporation workers during which the workers would randomly stop bicycles plying on the road and check for licenses as shown in this photo. Since every Indian those days was motivated to work honestly with nation building as their common vision, corruption was a very rare phenomenon. In fact, the corporation workers did not even have proper clothing but they were working hard towards development of the city and thus the nation. For example, in this photo, you can notice that the corporation worker did not even have footwear and his uniform was worn out but he was still performing his duty faithfully..

Image credits:
This photograph was shot by the eminent journalist, T.L.Ramaswamy.