Indian media: When a missing dog became national breaking news

When two film actors (Shahrukh & Salman Khan) hugged each other, little did they know that their trivial act would be replayed over and over for 48 hours by 55 media channels across India as “Breaking News”. Looking at the importance given by our media towards such a trivial act of hug, one would have wondered if that hug solved all of our national issues like economic collapse, corruption, bad governance , Chinese invasion etc.

The following cartoon by Kureel depicts the situation of Indian media pretty well:


“Breaking News” has always been a farce. I tried to recollect some of the most popular breaking news from the past and searched my mailbox (I had been receiving some really interesting “breaking news” screenshots over the years) and thought of consolidating them here along with translations to the best of my linguistic abilities. Since these were email forwards, it is not possible to acknowledge original source of all of the images.

So, here we go:

When a missing dog became breaking news:

star news dog

“Commissioner’s dog. Missing since 25th March”,
“Breaking News: Commissioner’s dog found”

When Amitabh Bachchan caught cold:

ab cold

Translation: “Amitabh Bachchan has caught cold”

When pigeons were “shocked” by 26/11 Mumbai terror:

pigeon mumbai terror

Video link:

When a dog got an English name:

english dog

Translation: “Raj Thackeray’s dogs have English names”

When a cat climbed a parapet wall:

cat paraphet

Translation: “Cat on a parapet having fun for 6.5 hours”

When another cat climbed a tree:

cat tree

Translation: “Scared of dogs, a cat climbs up a tree”

Thats all for now. If you have such “breaking news” screenshots, please share them here (in comments section or email. Will acknowledge the sender for each screenshot).