Humorous: Creative music videos exemplifying the plight of Indians

With the advent of YouTube video channels and penetration of Internet, creativity is at an all time high in India. In a way, YouTube has become a platform for budding artists to showcase their talent. Interestingly, some of them have taken up social and national issues of Indians and creatively presented them as humorous music tracks which exemplifies the plight of being Indian. For example, the difficulties faced by an entrepreneur from his own family due to societal restrictions, the awkward moment when a Delhiite thinks anybody from South India is a Madrasi, the desperation of traditionalists trying to convince their parents to break free from barriers which restrict love marriages and many more.

Following are the top 5 videos from budding artists of India presenting their creative music tracks which exemplifies the plight of Indians.

Plight of Indian Entrepreneurs

Plight of Indian Engineers (IT Guys)

Plight of South Indians

Plight of Indian love marriage aspirants

Plight of Indian news media

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