How Indians see India

Being a melting point of cultures with multi-linguistic states, religions & castes living together as a cohesive entity, India has always been a sociological wonder. While it cannot be denied that there exists subtle differences which are exaggerated through some light humor (Sardarji jokes, Marwari jokes etc), there is sufficient tolerance, mutual respect & sense of humor to laugh it away, mutually accept each other and co-exist.

The following is a collection of creative works by netizens who have tried to convey some of the¬†stereotypical views from different perspectives.¬†Please take them in the right spirit because it is meant for light humor only. As the popular saying goes “A joke is always funny as long as it makes fun of others but not me”, some of these might be funny because it makes fun of the “other” and some might be offensive because it makes fun of “us”, which is an indication that there is indeed some scope to develop more tolerance & mutual respect.

Since the following images cover most of the perspectives, it can help us introspect ourselves as well, change our perceptions and develop more mutual respect.

(I do not own any copyrights to any of the following images and as far as possible, have acknowledged the original source of each image.)


India as seen by a Bangalorean.



India as seen by a Mumbaikar



India as seen by a Delihiite.



South India as seen by a North Indian



North India as seen by a South Indian



India as seen by a Delhi foodie
Source: Zomato



India as seen by Indians

How Indians see the world
Source: Forbes



How Indians see the World