Honoured with Indian Nationalism Award

Dear friends, it gives me immense pleasure to inform you that I was honoured with Indian Nationalism Award, bestowed by Shri Ram Madhav (Eminent Thinker, Vice President & General Secretary of BJP), in the “Social Media Activist” category for my efforts in evoking the spirit of nationalism among youngsters, writing narratives of national importance, reviving the identity of India and promoting Indian culture through social media, internet blogs  & online forums.



The event was organized by Engineering Watch, India’s most prestigious magazine dedicated to engineering community. The awardees were finalized by a committee chaired by Shri Ram Madhav. The awardees included Sachin Bansal (Co-Founder of Flipkart), Tajinder Bagga (Social Organizer), Nikhil Pant (Founder of REACHA) & Sankrant Sanu (Entrepreneur & Researcher) for their contributions in respective fields. 

The following link has the list of all awardees:

After receiving the award, I spoke for a few mins about how internal forces like media propaganda & external forces like foreign funded NGOs have been trying to disrupt our nation and creating a feeling of inferiority among young Indians, and how social media can be used to counter such propaganda & forces.


Thanks to Shri Ram Madhav for his time & effort in finalizing the list of awardees. Thanks to Engineering Watch for sponsoring & organizing the event. And special thanks to my family, friends & all the readers for providing me continuous feedback & necessary motivation to keep going 🙂