“Freakonomics” – Steven Levitt & Stephen Dubner.

Why is the sky blue? Why is water wet?
If these are the kind of questions you enjoyed asking your elders while you were a kid, then take your questioning & analytical skills to an all new level with the help of this book which is based on some interesting observations, analysis, data mining and exploration of the hidden side of “everything”. Although it sounds like an analytical book, it is presented in the form of narrations with minimum numbers/statistics so that it is understandable even by school students.

Did you know that the reduction in crime rate of US can be related to legalizing of abortions in US? There are many such interesting questions with detailed analysis . The authors have tried to correlate these using historical facts, statistics and historic news and have come up with unexpected, out of the box conclusions and arguments to prove their results.

A gripping read, especially for readers with engineering background. By the time you finish reading the book, you would have further developed the skill of “questioning”, conditioned your mind to be alert to search for correlation between unrelated things.

As the book says: “The hidden side of everything”. Using this newly developed skill, you might be able to find the hidden aspects of things you observe in everyday life..