Food Inc: You’ll Never Look at Dinner the Same Way Again

food_inc_coverFood Inc


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This 90 min Academy Award nominee for “Best Documentary movie of 2008” opens up with the the thought provoking statement: “The way we eat has changed more dramatically in the past 50 years than in the previous 10,000 years“.

Some insights from the documentary:

  • 80% of the meat in America is produced only by 4 companies.
  • One can find 47,000 types of food items in a typical American supermarket and majority of them contain corn or its variant like corn syrup.
  • Many have no option but to consume unhealthy foods like burgers because they are low priced and affordable when compared to healthy foods.

One of the main points the movie tries convey is that the entire food system of USA is under the control of few companies who prioritize profit over health and even the Govt can be helpless at times. Although this documentary is centered around the United States, it can teach developing nations like India to be aware of the consequences so that we can take appropriate actions now to avoid such a crisis later.


In fact, Supermarkets have already pervaded Indian urban space and packaged foods are being introduced at an alarming pace in the recent past. Corn Flakes, Pasta, Noodles, Macaroni & other packaged breakfast foods have begun to replace the usual Dosa, Idly, Upma, Chapati & the likes. The day will not be too far when Indian filmmakers will be producing such documentaries to bring awareness.

Highly recommended, and I am sure one can manage to squeeze out 90 mins out of the weekend to watch this insightful & thought provoking documentary.

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