Documentary: The invention of the Internet

Most of us would have read about technologies like the internet and have been witnessing its evolution first hand over the years. Some of us would have even tried to understand basics of internet concepts out of curiosity. But as with any other field, the actual thrill is in looking at the big picture of how the whole thing was conceived & the circumstances which led to its invention & evolution. It is precisely what this 45 min documentary, titled “The invention of the Internet” tries to present.

Could you have ever imagined that the roots of internet traces back to the era of cold war between US & USSR, and the real reason behind research on creating such a network was due to fear of an attack from USSR? Yes, it sounds weird, but that’s how most of the revolutionary products/services were invented. As they say, “necessity is the mother of invention”.

This documentary goes into all those details of how such fear from USSR led to formation of ARPA (Advanced Research Projects Agency) which in turn led to ARPANET, which later evolved into “Internet”.

The audience for this documentary is not limited to just the young curious minds,  but also to all sections of internet users who are interested to know about the history of internet & its evolution. The producers have taken great pains to keep the language simple, devoid of unnecessary jargons, usage of animations whenever necessary, for easier understanding.
What makes such documentaries really interesting is the seamless integration of quick & short sessions (into the documentary) with the inventors themselves, who personally appear in the documentary & explain in their own words about their experiences during the inventions, and the situations which forced them to solve the problem only in certain ways, and with anecdotes which makes it a very interesting watch.

Link to the 45 min documentary on YouTube:

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