Chacha Nehru – His cheerful side & rare photos of lighter moments

Chacha Nehru was undeniably one of the most charismatic leaders who could instantly connect with the masses. His intellectual acumen was widely recognized across the world and highly respected as well, and his love for English was unbound. Mahatma Gandhi had once said “If Pandit Nehru speaks while asleep, he will speak in English”.

Pandit Nehru believed in a balanced life and enjoyed his life to the fullest. His day would begin with a 45 min Yoga session followed by meeting people and listening to their concerns for an hour. He was an extrovert and never shy of jumping into a dance or indulging in pillow fight with co-workers. After a hectic day at work, he would wind up with literature, arts & music. Once in a few months, he would escape for a vacation and even risk his life in adventure sports.

Following are a few rare photographs of Pandit Nehru depicting his “cheerful side” and lighter moments.


Naughty Nehru trying to pull the beard of Ho Chi Minh, President of North Vietnam.Image source


Birthday boy Nehru blowing candles


Acrobatic Nehru swinging sportsman. Img src 


Pillow fight


At a school sports function


Nehru practicing Yoga. Image source.


Nehru in a balloon exhibition

Nehru dance

Nehru dance. Image source


Contemplating after a swim. Image source.


Stylish Nehru with Churchill




Social service. Image source

Cracking a joke with Einstein

Cracking a joke with Einstein

Fishing vacation

Fishing vacation. Image source.

Friendly stick fighting

Friendly stick fighting


Adventure sports