Banned Book: What Congress and Gandhi have done to Untouchables


I had been planning to share this book for quite sometime now but was hesitant because I did not want to disturb supporters of the Congress Party. However, with recent news related to¬†Dalit atrocities on the rise and Congress proclaiming itself as the “real” savior of Dalit and recollecting the glory of Mahatma Gandhi as champion of Dalits, it is high time we uncover this book from its coffin which had been buried deep down for decades which sets the record straight on Mahatma Gandhi’s attitude towards Dalits (Depressed classes).

As expected, this book (published in 1945) was banned by the Congress Govt soon after independence and subsequent generations of Indians have been denied of the facts and events which took place between 1920 and 1940 and instead, our school textbooks have been singing praises of Gandhi’s “Harijan” initiatives & campaigns.

I was seriously shocked with the facts mentioned throughout the book by none other than the architect of our constitution, Dr.B.R.Ambedkar, who apart from stating facts, had raised several factual serious questions which went unanswered.

For example, the following excerpt from the book shows some startling facts and raises serious questions:
ambedkar_gandhi_2Ambedkar has shown the harsh reality and true faces of the Congress leaders (and Gandhi in particular) of his era who acted no less than racists when it came to granting privileges and showing concerns to the depressed classes. He even goes on to state facts which suggests how Gandhi tried very hard to appease the Muslim community but sidelined untouchables.

ambedkar_gandhi_1There are hundreds of such startling facts, analysis & questions raised by Ambedkar throughout the book and I suggest every young Indian to consider reading this book if they are interested in knowing the true facts instead of relying on school textbooks.

I dont want to come to any conclusions about anybody and neither do I want you also to come to any conclusion. The quest for truth brought me to this book and as would be the case with any other truth, it is bitter. But it does not stop here. I would like to know why Gandhi, who worked so hard to abolish caste system and untouchability, had such ideas hidden in his mind which were contradicting his own ideologies and thus making him a hypocrite.

gandhi_harijan_meetingHow could Gandhi talk in favor of the caste system (There are statements from round table conference meetings where Gandhi supported caste system and said that untouchables were suffering in this “janma” due to their past “karma”) and still convince the untouchables into believing that he was their savior?

Following is an excerpt from the book which shows that Gandhi strongly supported the caste (varna) system.

gandhi_varnaI think it calls for a special case study of human psychology and mass hysteria. (Psychological study of Mahatma Gandhi and his strategies, along with mass hysteria of people who believed in his contradictions). This book was published in 1945 when Gandhi was still alive and I would like to know how Gandhi and his followers reacted to this book and the serious questions it had raised. I am sure that Gandhi being a voracious writer would have written letters or press statements to counter his views and to oppose a book which was written against him. Please share such letters if you come across any.

Having said that, my respect for the Mahatma (as a philosopher) would continue because he was (and still is) an inspiration to most of us.

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