How AAP goofed up and turned Indian Flag into Italian Flag

While scrolling through my facebook feed on a sleepy Saturday morning, I noticed that some of my friends had begun to update their profile pics with Indian flag, in anticipation of next week’s Independence day celebration. One picture that particularly caught my attention was a cover page update by AAP online website page where saffron was replaced with red. It appeared to be similar to an Italian flag because the tricolors were vertical (instead of horizontal) and green was at the left side with red at the right.

italian aap flag

At around the same time, I noticed a post from Dr Subramanian Swamy’s page in which he mocked at AAP for being loyal to Italy


That post by Swamy instantly became viral and trigerred a social media outrage against AAP for distorting the flag which is against Flag Code of India. Disrespecting national flag of India is actually considered a crime and even celebrities like SRK were not spared for having just displayed the flag upside-down.


AAP being a mature political party, was expected to apologize for distorting & displaying tricolor (against Flag Code). Afterall, everybody makes mistakes and can be excused if they realize it and rectify. However, in the case of AAP, the party refused to apologize and instead went on to defend itself by saying it was a “creative” work which further evoked sharp reactions from social media.


Over the next few hours, as criticism against AAP intensified, its supporters resorted to interesting reasoning & explanations to defend the “creative” distortion of the flag. A few such reasoning are as follows


The icing on the cake was the explanation from a “AAP supporter” group which used concepts of physics, light radiation, spectral analysis & theory of relativity to defend the party’s “creative” distortion of the flag (Click image to enlarge)


While the social media outrage is still in full swing, and scientific explanations (like those shown above) from AAP fan pages are churned out every hour, it remains to be seen if AAP is going to acknowledge the goof-up instead of continuing to defend itself in the name of “creativity” & “advanced scientific explanations”.