These 5 videos might change your life

Life of an Employee

Is this what “Human Resources” mean where each human being is treated as a resource by another “superior” human being? ┬áThis video will change the way you look at the world around you and might change your life.

Get the deal or Get out

If you think you are a good father, go and play with your kids. But if you want to work for money here, get the damn business deal or get out.

Television is not the truth

This scene from a movie in 1976 still holds relevance today, especially in India, considering the rise of 24 hour news channels and noisy debates which have their own agendas to spread false propaganda in the world’s largest democracy. Turn off the TV now.

The significance of our lives in this fragile planet

Is our arrogance leading to the destruction of our planet? It is high time we realize that Knowledge is preferable to Ignorance and embrace the hard truth.

Connecting the dots & other stories by Steve Jobs

Could the art of “calligraphy” influence a “businessman” to change the “technology” industry? ┬áSteve Jobs narrates 3 life-changing short stories to help you “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”